Product Range

Outer Diameter : From 3.0 mm up to 30 mm.
Wall Thickness : From 0.5 mm up to 4 mm.
Lenght of Tubes : Fixed Length & Random Length

Technical Specifications

1. Random lengths 3 to 6 meter
2. Exat lengths : Standard production is in 3 to 6 mtr. random lengths. Exat lengths or multiples of exat lengths can be considered subject to prior agreement.

Quantity ordered meter Permissible deviation %
Quantity ordered meter +/- 20%
Above 1000 meter +/- 10%

Seamless Tubes According to DIN 2391
1. The technical conditions of delivery as per DIN 2391, part 2 will apply.
2. If the permissible deviations in diameter are to be one way only this must be stated in enquiry and order e.g. (10mm +0.2, -0). Wall thickness deviation as per DIN 2391 is +/- 10% of nominal wall thickness.
3. The deviations in diameter & wall thickness may be limited on special requirement.
4. The premissible deviation of the wall thickness includes the deviation of centres(i.e. eccentricity).
5. The tubes are generally ordered in terms of outside diameter and wall thickness. However, tubes may also be ordered in terms of outside and inside and inside diameter. In this case they must be ordered acc. to quality grade C.

Quality grade
A) Precision steel tubes primarily for mechanical stressing, withot acceptance test certificate. Test certificate will be issued subject to prior agreement.
C) Precision steel tubes with special requirements(e.g. other steel grades, tubular lines as to DIN 2445, different requirements as to the extent of testing, different conditions of delivery and different technological requirements).
Any special requirements must be specified by the customer at the time of enquiry and on ordering.

Delivery Condition

Designation Symbol Delivery Condition Description
Cold drawn / Hard +C (BK) No heat treatment after the final cold drawing process
Cold Drawn / Soft +LC (BKW) After the final heat treatment there is a suitable drawing pass
Cold drawn and stress relieved +SR (BKS) After the final cold drawing process there is a strees relief heat treatment in a controlled atmosphere
Annealed +A (GBK) After the final cold drawing process the tubes are annealed in a controlled atmosphere
Normalized +N (NBK) After the final cold drawing process the tubes are Normalized in a controlled atmosphere