Quality Policy

The company is following continuous committed quality, under control of quality department which is well equipped with all required measuring instruments i.e. UTM Machine, Hydro Testing Machine, Eddy Current Machine, Hardness Tester etc. by skilled and qualified engineers. All measuring instuments are regularly calibrated through recognized agency to maintain quality. The company is offering quality which is acceptable in various application i.e. Engineering, Fuel Injection, Automotive, Hydraulic.

Quality and Inspection

Chemical Test:
To test of Chemical constituents of tubes.
Eddy Current Test:
To detect surface & subsurface inhomogeneities of tubes.
Hydro Test:
Hydrostatic test is carried by precision machine on 100% tubes to detect leakage.
Ultra Sonic Test:
For detection of subsurface flaw & imperfections.
Surface Test:
To ensure finished tubes are free from scale, pit, marks, rupture, scores roll marks, dent, OD & ID etc.
Hardness Test:
To check the hardness of tubes (HRB/BHN)
Tensil Test:
To check strength of tubes in tension
Flaring Test:
To test the ductility of material end of tubes should be flared successfully without developing cracks.
Surface Roughness:
To check surface roughness in I.D.
Flattening/Flange Test:
The tests are conducted to check the strength to extreme compression stress.
Micro Structural Test:
Tubes are under microscope at 500 x magnification to check the grain structure.
Bend Test:
During the test tubes are bent as per specification without developing cracks.
Dimensional Check:
To ensure dimensional accuracy of OD, ID, Thickness, Length Ovality, Straightness etc.